Dear [name],

Thank you for checking out this message. This domain name is yours. I bought it as a little "thank you gift" for a couple of minutes of your attention. If you’re interested, hit me up and we can arrange for a quick and easy transfer of the domain to its rightful owner :) .

As I said in my email, I’ve been a fan of your work since the [product name] back in [date]. 


And based on my research of your product catalog and marketing messages, chances are high, I can help you make up to $150k in EXTRA profit in April... 

And make it with close to zero expenses (perhaps even 100% free), no hassle, and without spending a cent on ads or product creation.

What I had in mind was doing something I call a “makeover launch” for one of your products.

The way this works is very simple:

  1. 1
    You pick a product from your catalog that you haven't actively promoted to your list in at least two months. ([productname], seems to fit the bill perfectly)
  2. 2
    We tweak the messaging and freshen up its positioning. (If need be, I also create 1-2 new bonuses that give the offer a new, re-charged appeal.)
  3. 3
    And we fire off a new set of product launch emails reflecting that change to your list.

It's Not A Standard Product Re-Launch

This is not just an ordinary “re-launch” of the old product many marketers do. I’m sure you know the drill: promoting the exact same offer to the same audience with very minor differences in the messaging. 

In fact, steps #2 and #3 I outlined above are the key differences between how most marketers go about these product “re-launches”  and how my clients and I do them. 

Moreover, many of my clients have been using the standard “re-launch” strategy before switching over to “makeover launches.” And they found them to be on average 2x more profitable.

$122K "MakeOver Launch" Example

For example, a couple of weeks ago I did a makeover launch for Designrr that brought in $122,000. It was the re-launch of the “Designrr Agency” offer which was rolled out to the list just 2 months prior. By the way, that first launch (which yours truly also orchestrated) had made $165k. 

So how did we achieve $118,000 worth of sales in just TWO MONTHS...  after a $165k launch of the same product? 

I simply threw an AI writing guide into the mix and used it to enhance the appeal of the core offer.

Here's the original positioning that emphasized the speed of content creation:

And here's the makeover launch positioning which capitalizes on our users' fear of missing out on AI:

I did the same for Picasso content marketing training.

But I didn't make any changes in the offer. Just in the messaging. I wasn’t involved in the original launch, mind you. But according to ThriveCart it did around $120k.

And here's the revamped messaging of the course that brought in $62k:

And the final example on how I did it for a company called Vumu.  Here - again - I orchestrated and wrote both the original product launch campaign AND the "Makeover Launch."

The original brought in $37k from a list of just 9000 people. The "makeover launch made $24k:

This is something I do all the time. For just one of my clients — Designrr — these "makeover launches" have generated over $1M over the past 9 months alone. 

I’ve done this for one of Gary Halbert’s older products as well. (His son - Bond has been a great mentor and friend to me. If you know him - hit him up. He will vouch for me.) 

And even my current mentor - David Garfinkel - expressed interest in doing a makeover launch for one of his products.

If you’re interested, I’ll be glad to show you the promos I’ve done, share testimonials, case studies, etc.

You're Getting Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Practically For Free.

What my clients and I like about these campaigns is they don’t cost anything except for my very reasonable fee. You have no other expenses.

You already have the products and the list. You don’t need to do any advertising. All you have to do is let me write the launch emails and refresh your sales page to give it an exciting new angle. 

Very hands-off on your part. But of course, you’ve got the final say in everything.

The Next Steps

[first name], the reason I’m making this offer is because recently for the first time in the last two years, I’ve had a limited opening in my calendar. And I'm trying to use it to work with some new, high-quality clients. 

So I’m making this offer to a few people. If you’re interested, I’d appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible. 

Here you can schedule a call with me at the time that's most convenient for you:

Or simply reply to my email and let me know your preferred time and I'll send you a zoom invite.

I can walk you through the whole “makeover launch” strategy in less than 15 minutes. And, at the same time, get the ball rolling to return the domain name to its rightful owner. 🙂

Thank you for reading my message.

P.S. Also, please let me know if you want any more information before you want to talk.